Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Live in a Suburb of Coweta

Hehe. Anyone who lives near Tulsa will get a chuckle outta that. Someone laid that line on me this morning at AGCoweta. We had a great time this morning at the get-together breakfast for small groups. The message was about using our gifts that God gave us.

I love the fact the Coweta is growing. I think that the church has a great mission and a great base of people.

I really keep praying for God to show me what I need to be doing down here. Sometimes I feel like I am just floating...I get listless and frustrated with myself because there is only so much motivation that I can put towards school after crazy weeks at work.
After spending the weekend with the Crew up north, I reaffirmed my feelings that I need to be working with the youth. I don't care where or how. I just know that I need to be helping to guide what will be the future of our country, church and nation.
Sometimes God whispers in our ear when He wants us to do something...He has begun to yell it at me. It was the same when I called Pastor Warner at Stone telling him that I needed to help somehow. That's when I met Pastor Erik and the Crew.

I guess I will have to be patient a bit more, but it is getting hard to ignore what I know that I should be doing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Purpose driven, spirit filled.

This weekend with the Stone Crew was always.
I don't know what it is, but I get a charge out of seeing that light that comes into student's eyes when it all kinda clicks.
I love that I got to be a part of something that special and that important.

One of the most moving things that I noticed this weekend is that there were a lot of new students. To me, it means that the word is getting out. About the Crew. About Jesus. Judging by the moist eyes (including mine. Read: my eyes were leaking) in the group, it was clear that Jesus was touching the student's hearts. Where ever your faith started this weekend, I would like to think that you ended somewhere closer to God.

It is tremendous to me that our relationship with Jesus is ours alone. Just like everyone is unique, I believe everybody's relationship with Jesus is unique. How wonderful is it that He knows how best to communicate with us.

I pray that the students that attended WR09 (and all students really) continue to seek, continue to grow, continue to love and continue to get the word out.
I said this after WR08: Don't let it stop here. Don't let it fade. Don't shrug it off because you are back in school and away from the Crew. Keep encouraging each other and help each other to further your relationships with each other and with God.

To Pastor Erik, Bethany and the rest of the leaders of the Crew: Thank you. Again, I never know who gets more out of the weekend: the students, or me. You are, as always doing great things for the students, every single one. I know that every student that attended the weekend left changed.

To the Crew: Don't ever stop. Keep it going. Bring what you have learned and experienced into the other parts of your life. Carry it with you into the next phase of your life...but more importantly, scatter it among the people that you come in contact with and build upon it with everything that you do.