Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting Started.

Today I was reminded of how imperfect we are. I mean that in a good way. I had some really great conversations with the young men in my group about how to deal with conflict amongst friends. We were talking about how to deal with a friend who had let you down or even had done worse.

We talked about how Jesus dealt with denial and betrayal, specifically the example of Peter denying Jesus 3 times prior to the rooster making his call.
First off, Jesus knew it was going to happen beforehand and was still calm about it. How many of us could even think of staying calm at that point...let alone going through with what you have to do without AT LEAST getting slightly irritated about it?

Anyways, it struck true to me. I tend to be overly direct with people to put it politely. In doing so, I tend to come off as a bit brusque with people that do not hold to their end of a bargain or agreement.

I realized that I really need to work on how I handle disappointment and more pointedly, how I can relate my experiences and the lessons that I have learned to other people, in hopes that they might grow without having to experiencing some of the hardships that I have gone through.

Sorry for the semi rambling thoughts...I have more than a few really big points to make, but my brain has not finished processing them yet.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dusting Off the Cobwebs.

Yeah, blah's been a LONG time.
Long story, very shortly:
Although it has been a good year, it has been quite trying.
Katie and I are finally plugged into a church home, although not the one that we had chosen or thought that we would end up at. (Once again, I should learn to listen, Lord)

My work has been great and Katie has been working really hard to build up her business!

Quick story about my parents: Remember a year ago, when my dad fell 2 stories and broke his back? Yeah, well he fell again. Almost a year to the day. He broke his hip in three pieces...back on bed rest...3 weeks later my mom was admitted to the hospital with 20% functionality in her heart...not blockage...yikes. She seems to be recovering, but will need to attend her diet and lifestyle in order to stay strong.

Please pray for them as they will need healing.

I have started working with the youth again! Yay! It truly pulled at my heart that I haven't had a place to serve this past year...But I am working with Pastor John and a whole gaggle of others at TCABC. Seems like a great seems like a lifetime since I sat in Pastor Erik's office talking with him. (Miss you guys @ CREW)

School is going well, although at times I think my head is going to esplode! 5 more sessions to go.

Anyways, I gotta call it a night but I have been getting the itch to write...even if no one else reads it anymore!