Thursday, January 31, 2008

and he made a car.

As we advance in life we learn the limits of our abilities.
-Henry Ford

Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right.
-Henry Ford

A family friend gave me a plaque with this second saying on it when I was about 10 years old. I still have it. I still think about it and it still means a lot to me. The plaque itself probably cost about $2.
I would never take back anything that I have done in my life. Those things make me who I am.

But sometimes I think back and I wish I had done more before someone told me that those things were not possible. When you are a kid, you don't know about gravity, so flying through the air like a super hero doesn't seem so far fetched. Climbing a tree just for the view seemed like a pretty good idea.

If I could impart any wisdom (not saying I have any) unto today's youth it would be: Hold onto that disbelief of the "known facts" of life. Respect authority, but challenge it. That is where change comes from. At one point in time, I am sure someone told Orville and Wilbur Wright that they were nuts.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Get Going

This is a re-dub because the original had a bit of crass language, but I am glad someone reposted with the music.

Nope. It's not Wilmot. And no, it isn't Pastor Erik.
(Although I did hear he was a monster on the slopes and
he did remind me of this clip, so thank you P. Erik)
This is Terje Haakonsen and he is on peak 7601 in Alaska.

Although the clip is amazing, I am posting it to remind everyone
(myself included and most of all) that
through God all things are possible.
Now please keep in mind that practice, ability and talent help quite a bit,
but where there is a hole, God fills it.
Where our talents shine, God makes them brilliant.
He wants us to try new things and take the path less taken.

Kinda like Terje.
Except that it doesn't have to be snowboarding, and it doesn't have to be something that you are already good at. Talk to someone new. Read something different. Speak up when someone asks about God, or Jesus or the Bible.
Yes, you could just sit there. 
Or you could step out of your box.
Just get going.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Commute in Chicagoland

Why is it that every time the weather takes a turn for the worse most people in a SUV decide that they should be a NASCAR driver?  Seriously.  My commute usually takes me 30-45 minutes.  Today, it was more like an hour.  Altogether, not TOO bad but here are the totals for what I saw:

2 horrid pile ups
1 overturned vehicle
2 vehicles in a ditch

Now the IDOT minutemen were on the scene and doing a great job.  Each of the pile-ups contained a SUV, the upside down vehicle was a SUV, the 2 in the ditch?  Yeppers, you guessed it...a Ford Explorer, which is....HEY, a SUV.  Are you seeing a pattern yet?  Oh....I forgot the Escalade that was buried in the back of the semi truck on Highland Ave. in Lombard.  On a higher note, I pray that no one was hurt.  With the exception of the overturned SUV, each looked to be just a fender bender. 

Okay. now...for a little lesson in English: "Four Wheel Drive does NOT mean "I stop a lot faster than anyone else."

To SUV drivers everywhere: The reason that people are going a bit slower is because they can't stop as fast (this is something for you to note). Not because we can't go as fast as you.  That shiny stuff on the road is NOT a diamond littered pathway for your gas guzzling beast, it's called ice.

Okay....I am done.  Can you tell that this morning's commute tried my patience?  I did good though, I stayed calm and collected the entire time.  I am normally a very patient person, but highway driving usually puts me through my paces.  Anybody out there have a particular situation or something that 9 times outta 10 will make you scream in frustration?


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Common Ground

Music.  I have only gotten into Christian
music in the past 5-6 years.  Growing up, I was woken up on
Saturday mornings by classical music or one opera or another. (This
always meant "house cleaning time" in the Stenglein household). I used
to dread that.  Now I do actually enjoy both.  The rest of my
childhood and teen years was filled with 80's music band
rockers were cool.  After meeting my

, I
was introduced to Country music (insert story about broken cowboy with
lost love and expired pet here).  I have grown to like it quite a
bit. Growing up I would have NEVER believed that in a million years. 
I now listen to a lot of Christian music. 

David Crowder Band

Casting Crowns

are really my favs....But one thing that I have found
since getting back in touch with God and church is that a lot of
Christians seem (Read: this is MY perception) to keep only to strictly
Christian music. This kind of troubles me.  I am puzzled as to why
this might be.  There are a LOT of bands outside of the Christian
genre that not only rock but are extremely Christian based.  One
huge example of this is

.  I would challenge anyone to
not hear a message in just about EVERY U2 song.  Another example
would be

Big and Rich
.  Now some of these
songs, especially in the beginnings of their careers can be a bit
tawdry...but their new album is tremendous (shout to J.W. for stealing
his word).  Anyways...I could list on and on: Van Morrison etc
I bring this whole thing up for a couple of
reasons.  The first, really is that as Christians I feel we should
constantly challenge ourselves to find new avenues on which to spread
the word about God.  Second is I work with the youth and while a
lot of the young men and women I talk with listen to wholesome music, a
lot of them do not. (Not gonna go on a rant about this cause I know how
I was.)  But I guess the main point is this:  In order to talk
to people about God, we need to take a walk outside our box.  We
need to know what others are doing (not just seeing it on the news) in
order to hold some type of common ground.  Music could be something
to run with?

BTW if anyone has some great music suggestions, please let me know!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Got Lots of stuff done yet nohing accomplished

Okay.  So it is now just about 2:30PM.  I am almost done
with working for the day.  I got here at 5 AM and I have been busy
all day.  I submitted change reports, updated a few financial
reports, tested the firewall.....and tons of other things.  Have
you ever had one of those days where you are constantly busy and you rip
through your To Do lists yet when you look back it doesn't seem like the
time spent is justified?  Meh.  I guess I would just like to
be doing what I want...but even then I wonder if that would be
satisfactory? A lot of times during the week I feel like I am climbing a
really steep sand hill.  The faster and higher that I climb, the
more I go nowhere.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Okay...So here is a post

Okay.  It's public.  I have not had a post in a LONG time! (Read:
Ever.)  I am tired, it has been a long day.  Up at 4 am to work
out...okay, watch the news drink some coffee.  Work and then home just in
time to miss my class. HA.  So I work on homework and try to finish up some
reports that I need for a meeting tomorrow.  Now it is 10pm and I am
sleepy.  I will start with a proper post maƱana.